Welcome to Bob Colker's unique, modern, one-of-a-kind Acrylic Sculptures Gallery.

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Harmonious Serenity

17" Wide, 9 1/4" High, 10 1/2" Deep

Using jewel tone colors, purple, green, teal, ruby, and other custom blended colors, with gold accents. This stunning clear acrylic piece is the artist's favorite piece.



Window To The World

12" Wide, 10 1/4" H, 1 1/2" Thick

Clear acrylic block, no color added. This dramatic piece illustrates the concept that the world is truly "small" and within your grasp, just reach for it.

The hole is 2" diameter and the area surrounding the hole is 4 1/4" wide. This piece gives the illusion of a solid piece while actually a hole does exist.



Wave Motivation

16 1/2" Wide, 10 1/2" Deep, 8 1/2" Tall

This graceful, clear acrylic sculpture is clear with no color added. The ball "foot" is clear. The Wave Motivation illustrates the bountiful opportunities that the world offers to anyone willing to grasp that opportunity and with a new beginning go from solitude to full participation.


After Midnight

17" Wide, 7 1/2" Deep, 8" Tall, Hole is 6" x 4 on one side and 6" x 5" on the other.

After Midnight depicts man's struggle to recognize that change is inevitable. Clear acrylic, no added colors with a clear acrylic ball "foot". This sculpture reminds the artist of the fairy tale Cinderella as the sculpture looks somewhat like a shoe from some angles. A large cut-out emphasizes the fact that all transitions must have an end in order to have a new beginning.


Peaceful Luminescence

10 1/2" Wide, 9 1/2" Tall, 7" Deep

This clear acrylic sculpture with rich tones of Ruby, Emerald, Purple, Frost with accents of Gold and areas with specially blended colors leads one to wonder "What is the beginning?". Standing on four clear acrylic points and then expanding into a delightful cylinder Peaceful Luminescence delights the eye with the many colors and combinations. This sculpture may be displayed in many positions. The artist prefers the position shown. You, however, may place it any way you choose.


Loop De Loop

17" Tall, 8" Base, 12" overall Width, 14 1/2" overall depth

From the frosted base with jagged clear edges Loop De Loop explodes with Emerald, Teal, Ruby and Gold accents. The main body of the art is clear acrylic, sculpted on one side with the smooth side out. This perfectly balanced tall sculpture reminds the artist of Man's struggle to achieve perfect balance and harmony in one's life even though this may be difficult with life's "jagged edges" surrounding our existence.

This is a very impressive piece if displayed in bright natural light or on a lighted pedestal.


Let There Be Light - the lamp

11" Wide, 8 1/4" Tall, 10 1/4" Deep,
4" Diameter cylinder, 16" Wide

This lamp of clear acrylic with Ruby, Emerald Purple, Green colors with accents of Gold, Copper and Silver gently wraps around a white glass cylinder. The cylinder is not attached to the lamp but is resting in the lamp. It uses 2 60 watt clear bulbs (included). This lamp reminds the artist of the light body within us all. The quest for the light and purity should be a goal for all mankind. The jagged edges and uneven form of the lamp suggests that purity and light is very difficult to obtain and should be something for which we all strive.